Capsule: Forgettable but the tunes are good

What are you looking at?

Capsule is fifteen minute short about two astronauts lost in space. They have been out in space for some time (orbiting Jupiter) and have not had any communication from Earth for quite some time.  The two astronauts eventually meet up and chat, one providing the other with more information about the fate of our planet.  As the story progresses, we learn that zombies or “face rapers” have taken over the world and most (if not all) of the world’s population is gone. As the hope of rescue evaporates, this leads to some discussion about how the characters will take control of the situation and “leave on their own terms”.

The show is kind of funny and there are moments where I laughed. The very end of the show has the two astronauts singing Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” as they struggle to come to terms with their inevitable deaths. I enjoyed the simplicity of this play but I feel that the length did this show a disservice. I thought the discussion about death, isolation, and suicide (especially considering the circumstances) would have been better in a longer show.

The show isn’t amazing but it it isn’t terrible either. There isn’t a whole lot to it because of the limited time. A good experiment to have at the Fringe.

By Shane Birley