Antagonist - A Soft Spot for Villainy

Eugenius (played by Sean Amsing) is a dick. More specifically he's a super villain with an epic plot to rule the world. Antagonist takes us through a day in the life of an angry, angsty, outrageous evil genius.

The whole cast does a wonderful job of framing Eugenius’s frustrations with himself and the world. From the mediocre evil plots of his coworkers to the lady in the fifteen-items-or-less-lane, to his mother's attempts to get grandchildren, they all do an amazing job of igniting his rage. Even his supervillain colleagues are innocent and hurt at his outbursts, and have much more stable and supportive social lives. Koala does a great job of winning everyone's affection with his cute face and functional plots. Mistake is always trying to win Eugenius’s approval as henchman, but he just can't quite stop being more of a pet. It's all heartbreakingly adorable how everyone reacts to Eugenius.

The stage management od this production was strikingly well done. The stage is dismantled and rebuilt in dim light while transitional scenes are played out, which has a really interesting effect especially when coupled with loud angry hip hop background tracks.

A look at anger, frustration, and learning to love the little things in life, after all "who wants to rule the world when no one wants to invite you to the pub?" Antagonist is a wonderful production with a strong cast, great story writing and stage management, and really relatable to anyone who experiences unbridled rage against the human race on a daily basis. Come see it if you want a good laugh and to watch someone yell at everyone he knows!

By Kit Martens