Alms: for the poor and rich alike


A coin is dropped at a bus stop. Someone gets it: But whom?

That is the question you will be asking yourself for the 75 minutes of this production.

Alms is a movement piece without words, that sneaks a moral in. It is perhaps a bit too long for its own good, but it does have some absolutely beautiful moments. The choreography, while at times precise and elegant, is at other times amateurish and under- rehearsed. Not what I would expect from an “internationally acclaimed” movement artist.
However, this is the Fringe and if it’s a staging ground for the piece, then they are on the right track. The basic elements of the story are all there. The medium is beautiful. The comedy is inherent. The tragedy is not epic, but universal. With a little trimming, this could be a solid show that could be toured through out the world and played for audiences of all ages.

I’d pay full fare for that.

For showtime mime here.

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By S Tyson