Advice To Love/Hate You - Sex And The Singularity

What do we want and why do we want it? What happens when what we think we want turns out to be too scary, or too boring, or too confusing? When do you trust your gut, and when do you ask for advice? Who knows anything about anything?

Relationships are hard, and even harder when you have no idea if your instincts are sound, or if you should phone a friend. With every choice, doors slam shut, but windows open. When many of those doors and windows are virtual, and the choices multiply, what’s a love and sanity seeking homo sapien gotta do to be happy?

Join this interesting show, and be a part of it. Audience members become part of the story telling when our protagonist chooses the option to phone a friend. Multiple friends. Raising questions about how we are all navigating this changing landscape. This show will never be the same, except on the abstract level of technology-enabled social constructs fluidly dancing around the duality of desires and fears. Go see it, in whatever flavour it happens to be at the moment.

By Bruce M. Campbell