2 To Django: the music's the thing

Looking the part

In slacks, shoes, shirt and beret all black, with guitar in lap, Colin Goubout passably looks the part of a gypsy minstrel, posing for Picasso in '30s Paris perhaps. Plus his playing is blazing good, shot through with passion and very brave, taking on as he does the music (and thumbnail bio) of jazz great Django Reinhardt.

Goubout, however, is so painfully self-conscious and uncomfortable with his audience that he comes off as a bit of an awkward duck in a theatre festival. He has no charisma. No stage presence. No fun.

Two swing dancers, David and Tina Lee, attempt to add action if not drama but they're so quiet, apparently so as not to disturb Goubout's peripatetic fingerings, that they remind of mice cooling it and tend to blend their beings into  nothingness. Which is what we all must do in this show: sit back and let this talented musician play on.

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By Charles Tidler