History: Deleted Scenes and Extras

55 minutes
Third Man (Toronto, ON)
Venue 12 Paul's Motor Inn Upper Lounge (1900 Douglas)

Nile Saguin, creator of last year's hit Fear of a Brown Planet (4 Stars - Times Colonist, "Self-mocking and seriously funny" - Monday Magazine) takes on history the way FOBP took on race (but with less anger and more boyish charm). Nile is excited to be back at Paul's Motor Inn (but onstage, not in the dartboard nook. Fancy.) "Alas Paul's is licensed so I might be drunk. Rips apart what we thought we knew about the western world and re-arranges it with intelligence and irony. The show is smart, Nile Saguin is sweet, and you'll leave with something to think about." CBC

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