High Life

100 minutes
Ryuzanji Company (Tokyo, Japan)
Venue 2: Metro Studio (1411 Quadra at Johnson)

High Life by Lee MacDougall. Four free-sprited junkies’ chimerical attempt to rob a bank. Originally written by Lee MacDougall, an Ontario-based Canadian playwright, translated into Japanese and has been a long running hit in Japan. The show is coming home to its country of birth as a part of its tour to Taiwan, China, Koreaand Russia. Presented in Japanese with English subtitles.

Show Times
Thu Aug 27, 8:30

Fri Aug 28, 6:15

Fri Aug 28, 8:30

Sat Aug 29, 4:00

Sat Aug 29, 6:15

Sun Aug 30, 2:00

Sun Aug 30, 4:15

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