Good Night Uncle Joe

65 minutes
Outpost 31 (Victoria, BC)
Venue 1: Downtown Community Activity Centre (755 Pandora)

Good Night Uncle Joe by David Elendune. Cold War Moscow: 1st March 1953. Joseph Stalin’s paranoid reign of terror is in its last horrific death throes. With the arrival of the enigmatic Anna, ruthless KGB enforcer Lavrentti Beria finds life & loyalty pushed to the brink. “Thought-provoking stuff that grips us with mystery” – theatre bc. Sponsored by Langham Court Theatre.

Show times:

Thu Aug 27, 8:00

Sat Aug 29, 6:15

Mon Aug 31, 9:45

Thu Sep 3, 8:00

Sat Sep 5, 5:30

Sun Sep 6, 7:30

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