Colette Suspended

60 minutes
Where's Noonan (Victoria, BC)
Venue 1: Downtown Community Activity Centre (755 Pandora)

Colette Suspended by Tony Hubner. Franz, Colette and Robert live in a closet. This is appropriate, as they are marionettes, having very dramatic lives. With substance abuse, attempted rape, murder and suicide, this is Pinocchio for adults. Bring the kiddies only if you’re the Addams Family.

Drama Noir; Adult Themes/Extremely Coarse Language/Violence

Show Times:
Thu Aug 27, 9:45

Sat Aug 29, 8:00

Wed Sep 2, 9:45

Fri Sep 4, 7:15

Sat Sep 5, 9:00

Sun Sep 6, 9:15

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