Archy and Mehitabel

55 minutes
Ausable Theatre (London, ON)
Venue 5 Victoria Event Centre (1415 Broad)


Meet Archy, a politically active cockroach with a critical eye on humanity, and Mehitabel, an aging bohemian alley cat with an unbreakable spirit. "A glorious run - Jeff Culbert is terrific as both Archy (ur-environmentalist, complainer, seer, visionary, poet, parodist, wit) and Mehitabel (bohemian, wild, romantic, dancer, singer, survivor)." - James Reaney, London Free Press. Directed by Jayson McDonald.

FRI, AUG 28 8:15 PM

SAT, AUG 29 4:45 PM

SUN, AUG 30 6:30 PM

THU, SEP 03 8:00 PM

SAT, SEP 05 8:15 PM

SUN, SEP 06 3:00 PM

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